The Numbers Speak for Themselves

4 Night Stays:

Four night stays are comparable to a hotel in cost. However, serviced apartments will offer far more space and savings can be made on incidental charges, such as restaurant and laundry bills.

7 Night Stays:

Serviced apartments are generally cheaper than equivalent hotel accommodation at this length of stay.

30 Night Stays:

Serviced apartments are always cheaper than equivalent hotel accommodation at this length of stay.

90 Night Stays:

Serviced apartments are always cheaper than equivalent hotel accommodation. Again, considerable savings are available, as demonstrated in the example below.

Even if the hotel matched the serviced apartment example rate of £99 for the stay, you’d still save £982.08 in tax (a 9.19% saving).

Why are serviced apartments cheaper than hotels?

Serviced apartment rates generally reduce according to the length of your stay. This is due to a number of factors, including:

• Maid service is normally required less frequently than in a hotel. The cost savings accrued by the apartment operator in terms of reduced wage bills and less frequent laundering of sheets and towels are reflected in the reduced rate.

• Serviced apartments do not have a restaurant, whereas hotels are obliged to operate at least one. Not having to supplement the running costs of a restaurant helps keep serviced apartment rates more competitive.

• Most hotel rates include breakfast. Whether you have breakfast or not, your nightly hotel rate includes around ten pounds to fund the cost of breakfast. People staying in serviced apartments have a choice: prepare your own breakfast or go to a nearby cafe. The difference is that you’re not paying for something you might not use.

• Hotels need to provide numerous staff members, often 24 hours a day, including reception staff and security. Serviced apartments have far fewer staff than hotels, so this is another saving that can be passed on to you.

• In addition to all this, don’t forget that staying in a serviced apartment lowers the total cost of your stay due to the massive savings you can make from removing hotel laundry bills, room service, hotel restaurants and over inflated internet costs.

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